Friday, November 16, 2012

4 KEY ELEMENTS for your Business Online

I've been in the SEO Industry for 5 years now. And within that time, I have learned many things. For example, things that can make online businesses have high ranking positions on Search results. More so, I've learned that an online business should have four (4) Key Elements that a website should have.

4 Key Elements

Like the Planet we are living in, it is made up of 4 elements such as earth,wind, fire and water, I believe that a website also has 4 important elements to it. In order for it to have a high-ranking placement in search result pages. To wit: "Keyword Research, Web Development, Content Development and Link Building".

KEYWORD RESEARCH- The first element.

"Keyword Research" is the first process that an SEO Personnel does. It is like a foundation for your campaign to attract web visitors in your site. More so, it is like conducting a research on the actual search terms used online and on search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo when searching for a person, product, place etc. 

Conducting a keyword research for your website helps you choose the best and most profitable keyword or keyword phrase for your website  

Where to do a Keyword Research?

Usually I conduct my Keyword Research a Google Ads or Free but I also use  Market Samurai, a paid software for my research.

Note: No matter how  awesome your websites design is. It doesn't matter if your and few of your friends knew  about it. 

WEB DEVELOPMENT (ON PAGE) second element. 

"Web Development" is the next step and is done by your Web Developer. It's a process of developing your website's design or look, developing codes, writing markup, client-side/server-side scripting, and configuring web server.

Whether your website is a  simple static pager or a complex web-based internet applications such as e-business, giant database driven site, e-commerce, online transaction sites etc,.

Web Development can be branched into two main categories, namely: the Client Side Coding and the Server Side Coding. A web developer generally includes the Graphic and Web designing, Information architecture and the Copyediting with the usability of the web and the optimization of the search engine.


"Content Development" the third step for your online business. The first thing that you should consider in this area is your content. It must be interesting and unique using the keywords and keyword phrases you have chosen in your keyword research. A quality content that can attract your visitors and make them come back to read more of the services, tips etc. enables your website to rank amongst the rest.

Content Development is a process that is broken down into several methods. First there is research, followed by data gathering and production, and finally adjust all data before publishing them on-line. There are many elements that make up website content. These includes: illustrative materials such as photos, charts and cartoons; text, videos, sound and other media elements recognized by Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and other leading website browsers.


Link Building” or backlinking is the last yet most tedious process for your online business.  This is done outside your website by using the keywords you have chosen.  Then, you create backlinks from other websites that is relevant to your website.

Link Building is the key element in having a high-rank placement on search engines. Building high-quality & relevant links to your website that appear natural to search engines is a quintessential step in increasing your page rank.

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