Thursday, November 8, 2012

My SEO Career. Part 1 Where I Started?

Five years ago, after graduating from a two year I.T course, I was looking for a job that is suitable for my field of expertise. Foremost, I was a Diploma E-Commerce Programming Graduate and was basically seeking for a job as a Website Developer.     

For almost six months, my friend, “Clent”, and I were sending out of resumes to different companies online and personally.  We have had a few interviews but was unfortunate enough to receive any feedback. Almost losing hope, we considered applying for a Call Center, which happened to be always hiring.   

With a few bucks left in my pocket, I decided to stay at home and rethink my plan. A few days later, I received a message from my friend. He saw an ad, which was said that they were hiring online. A new branch of an already established BPO Company (Agents of Value) is in Davao and was looking for qualified applicants.  

Without second thoughts, we went to their office, which was in Matina.  Upon arriving, we were entertained by a huge man who was their Technical Admin Guy. Because the manager was not on duty, he was the one who received and welcomed us.   

Without any questions, he led us to a couple of computers and told us to turn it on and log in to our Yahoo Messenger Accounts. After a couple minutes, he sent us a few Zip files that contained a training module for applicants. The modules were for Article Writers, Web Development, Link Building, Graphics Design and Virtual Assistant. After seeing the files, the man told us that we have 2 days to finish the training.

We did the training for two days and surely we had a hard time completing it. The Article Writing and Link building Test was out of this world.    

Link Building Test
Writing an Article is one of my weaknesses since my school days. For me, writing an article is like rocket science. A 400-word article would take me weeks to finish. So, what I did was search for articles online and copy paste different paragraphs from different articles with the same topic just to finish this test.   

On the other hand, I did not have any idea on the link-building test. It was the very first time I’ve heard about SEO link building.  After two days of training and testing, Clent finished ahead of me.  Actually, I did not finish the link-building test. We both sent the test through email and were told to wait for a call for the final interview.   A few days later, Clent got a call from them and was told to report and start working. (It was no surprise that he will be hired). Me, on the other hand, was not able to receive any call.

To be continued... Part 2.


  1. As long you know the basics of SEO, there's a chance of getting hired. Experience tells focus on the minute details if you want to impress the employer.

  2. Hahaha because of Blog rolling, I found this post master :P