Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Android Malware: Mobile Attack on your PC

A New Android Malware Emerge on Google Play.

I've come across a lot of PC Malware that infects mobile devices. However, this particular Malware works the other way around -- this app was developed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets that infect your PC.

Last January 22, 2013, Kaspersky Lab uncovered a new Android App in Google Play. The said Android App is a Malware named Superclean and DroidCleaner that is disguised as a clean up tool that accelerates the performance of smart phones by freeing its memory. However, it is a program that is designed to spy on your conversations by infecting your PC through your smartphone's or tablet.

How the Malware Works?

There are several scenarios where Malware can infect computers. One such way is for malwares to inject codes into portable disk drives' system files, particularly and PE files. Along the way, a new alternative attack process has emerged from this scenario. These days, the same blueprint is used on smartphones and waiting for them to connect to - and eventually infect - computers. By default, the AutoRun option is unchecked in newer Microsoft Windows systems, so computers with these versions are particularly safe. However, there are still millions of computers around the world with older versions, making them susceptible to even old school Malware attacks. 

 How can you be infected?

Taking everything in perspective, it is safe to say that the most common Malware victims are people who actively use music files from Smart Phones along with their computers or laptops. Considering how android phones emerged into necessities for people around the world, it is reasonable to speculate that the prospect of a widespread Malware attack in remote locations is very real.

How to avoid the Android Malware?

•     Download apps with a high download numbers
•     Download apps from “Trusted” Developers
•     Run Ant-Virus software (update when available)
•     Use screen locks, password and device encryption
•     Do not Run un-trusted apps.
•     Stay away from apps that ask too much permission to install.

Aside from infecting PC’s, the Malware includes a wide range of extensive Features.

•     Sending SMS messages
•     Enabling Wi-Fi
•     Gathering information about the device
•     Opening arbitrary links in a browser
•     Uploading the SD card’s entire contents
•     Uploading an arbitrary file (or folder) to the master’s server
•     Uploading all SMS messages
•     Deleting all SMS messages
•     Uploading all the contacts/photos/coordinates from the device to the master
The said Malware that was found on Google Play is no longer available. However, such news shocked those that use android phones and preempted them to take extra precautionary methods when downloading and using softwares as shown by the activity and presence of users in software shops.